Equilon, Motiva, Equiva Services and Equiva Trading


Welcome to the former home page of the alliance companies: Equilon Enterprises LLC, Motiva Enterprises LLC, Equiva Trading Company and Equiva Services LLC.

In 1999, Shell, Texaco and Saudi Aramco associates created this group of businesses to create and sell Shell

and Texaco refined products. Additionally, their goal was manage the companies’ transportation, lubricants and trading businesses in the United States.

As marketers and sellers of two of the biggest and most recognizable brands, Shell and Texaco, the Equilon, Motiva and Equiva had the knowledge and experience to make it big as leaders in the petroleum products business.

In 2002, the Equilon and Equiva names were dropped by Shell Oil Co. and began doing business as Shell. From November 2003 to September 2008 oil prices climbed by a factor of almost three. In 2008, with oil prices reaching record highs, many owners of SUVs and other "gas-hogs" began to look for a way to get cash for cars that had become too expensive to operate, and replace them with "fuel-sipping" vehicles, electric cars or hybrids.

Although Equilon, Motiva, Equiva have since disbanded, we welcome you to this website and hope you have found your visit here interesting and informative.